About Us

About Us

The Heralds of Ruin are an international cabal of semi-drunken desperados with a vengeful love of Warhammer 40,000 and skirmish wargaming.  We are all veteran 40k players and hobbyists who have taken on the herculean task of developing the Heralds of Ruin ruleset with the help of thousands of fellow hobbyists around the world.

After defeating us all in ritual combat, Ash became our fearless leader or, in his words, the first among equals.  He’s based in England and you might think that means he speaks the Queen’s English, but you would be wrong.  The truth is that the Queen speaks Ash’s English.

Ivan is our layout and design guy.  He does all of our headers and serious artwork; his favorite medium is human blood, but don’t worry; it’s all harvested from the richest 1% of the developed world population.  When Ivan isn’t doing layouts and kicking ass across the grimdark galaxy as the Space Wolves, he spends his time screaming across the skies of Spain in a variety of highly dangerous aircraft.  Against all reason, Ivan is known in redneck circles in the United States where he is reverently called Jebediah.

Ben is the Godfather, a Heralds of Ruin OG and the Elven High King all rolled into one.  He lampooned Charles into joining Heralds of ruin during the Dark Age of Technology and blackmailed Ash into joining during the Occlusiad.  It is rumored that his face adorns the prow of an Imperial battleship, but he still hasn’t told us which one.  He manipulates the delicate strands of his spider web intrigues from England.

Some say Mattia is the illegitimate heir of the Medici dynasty and that when he talks with his hands, it clears air pollution from the immediate area.   Others say he is the original inventor of marsala.  As such, he was the perfect choice to head up the space marine research and balance division, a job he does with the momentum and power of a Lamborghini from the 90’s that wants more than anything to kill you.

The fittest Herald by far, it is whispered that Charles once won the feast of blades, however no one can confirm this because anyone who asks gets choke-slammed into the sun.  Charles, however, is no mere meathead.  He enjoys long walks on the beach and suplexing the establishment between photoshoots and fashion shows.  His greatest aspiration in life is making the rest of England look fat by comparison.

Greg is the newly-minted patriarch of his very own Genestealer cult.  Chasing his first gen broodling around has not dimmed his spirits whatsoever and Greg writes our Power From Paint articles, specializing in yellow.  He represents the distilled power and majesty of the hive mind, managing all things Tyranids-related from a series of brood cells in the USA.

Some say Adam is a perpetual, that he is descended from the Emperor himself.  Indeed, the oldest of us cannot remember a time when Adam was not bolstering our august ranks.  We know from his work on 30k that he was young when the Horus Heresy raged across the galaxy.  When not subtly influencing the course of events in the galaxy, Adam pretends to follow orders and watches his progeny grow strong, waiting for the perfect moment to put his master plan into action.

A man of few words and ardent purpose who is equally at home discussing arming distance for his favorite brand of bolter round as he is talking up the latest craft ales.  Andy is the mastermind behind the Dark Angels, sending The Rock dashing to and fro from his lair in Russia with no one the wiser—except us.  We’re wise—wise enough to know that asking is a good way to disappear.

Can't find the right Battle Honour for your pyromaniac Ork? Space Marines Philosophies got you down? Got Genestealers in your cellar? Then Rhett is your man! Like a Texan cowboy he can draw ideas faster than the blink of an eye, while simultaneously pick off Covenants with his Halo homies. He's the Man behind (and around, and up front) the nail-biting Karnemak campaign and its sequel.