Markerlight #3: Alex’s Genestealer Cult

Markerlight #3: Alex’s Genestealer Cult

Markerlight #3: Alex's Genestealer Cult


Prepare for the uprising, players. We're communing with the Hive Mind via Alex, aka thatsafistin on Instagram. Praise!

This grimy, subterranean mob of mining aliens is the latest incarnation of a Herald with, like plenty of us, a new-found excess of hobby time.

If you head back to the start of @thatsafistin you'll find a lot less grit and dirt, and instead the shiny yellow of the glorious VII legion reinforcing some sweet ruined industrial terrain.


Moving on from there into the joys of Eldar Wych Cult kitbashing and the woes of toughness 3 brought some interesting challenges compared to the yellow wallbuilders. What you see here is another step toward a really cerebral warband that can really punish an out of position enemy, but might just as easily fall down without ever making an impact!


How do they play?

Sadly the theory remains just that, while we're under lockdown around the world! The idea is to use the Jackals and Ridgerunner with the Fearless Decoy action to keep key pieces from being picked off.

A bunch of neophytes shield the leader's body, who is a magus in one of the builds, calmly Smiting enemies. Metamorphs and an Aberrant are the combat heavies, and can be boosted even further with Might From Beyond.


Philosophically, does this team use Knife-Edge Instinct or not? If the Magus and his lackeys can hold out until turn 4, the easy charge when the hard hitters arrive could well clinch most games. But it's a big "if"!

There's also a Kelermorph, who leads a team better suited to concentrating close range firepower early on. The Cult uses Rusted Claw rules for extra protection, and takes it further with Infiltrated Infrastructure for a base of operations.


Get The Look

Alex gives the Grimdark Compendium credit for inspiring the gritty grimy aesthetic of the Cult. Plenty of use of AK Interactive's Streaking Grime enamel wash over the some basic Citadel colours, deepened in parts with Citadel shade paints. Managing to be heavily weathered but still neat is achieved by taking away excess wash and grime with q-tips, soaked in mineral spirits for the enamel wash and isopropyl for the acrylics.


Cheers Alex!

Go and follow @thatsafistin for more and we'll be back one of these days with another Markerlight. Until then, stay safe, stay in, and beware what lurks in shadows...

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