Power From Paint #1: Painting yellow the easy way.

Power From Paint #1: Painting yellow the easy way.

Welcome to the first Power From Paint!

We got Greg, the dominatrix of Hive Fleet Bombus, to show us how to achieve that buttery yellow skin that nobody really believes is easy, now matter how often he tells us it is. This technique works particularly well on skin, fabric and other natural surfaces, but is perfectly easy to apply to power armour, vehicles and the like.

Without further ado, here's Greg to enlighten us all on a fast, pain-free way to paint yellow!

First, prime your model white. Don't rush it - good priming is key to this whole technique. Get a primer you trust, and don't spray unless conditions are perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, not too humid. 

Next, give all the yellow areas a light wash of Casandora Yellow. Going over a smooth coat of white primer, a light wash is all you need for a pale yellow base. Let it dry, and decide whether you want to enrich the colour further with a second light wash.







After waiting patiently until your washes have dried, grab your Yriel Yellow. Take a moment to appreciate the irony of painting Tyranids in the colours of their greatest enemy, and give the yellow areas a good heavy drybrushing all over. This, as you know, gives depth to the shaded areas and efforlessly picks out all the natural lumps, bumps and grisly bits. 

Note that by "heavy drybrush" we don't mean "put more paint on your brush" - that will only lead to paint finding its way into recesses where it shouldn't be. You still want next to no paint on your brush, just persevere a bit more than usual to get every last bit of pigment onto the model.

That's it! Then it's just about picking your complimentary colours and finishing up. Yellow horde armies impossible? Who says?

One thought on “Power From Paint #1: Painting yellow the easy way.

  1. Please can you elaborate by what you mean, “wash”? ie do you have the brush dripping and slosh it on, or barely any for a controlled thin layer?
    Sorry for the noob question!

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