Psychic Review and Space Wolves!

Psychic Review and Space Wolves!

Can He Be Stopped_!

Hey look. Another post that's nothing to do with Orks. Don't blame us, blame...

Torrvald Orksbane!

For most of 8th edition Heralds, Space Wolves have been waiting patiently for their Codex, sitting by the door with wagging tails and revving chainswords. In lieu of their having a Chapter Trait, or half their psychic powers and still being stuck at Index points, we wrote them a rule - Space Wolf teams could take TWO leaders. It worked nicely, wasn't overpowered (in fact such a team came dead last at the first Terran Classic) and did a good job of creating some lore in the Index-Era Fluff-Drought.

Then suddenly - everything changed! It feels like a Dog-Eat-Everything world right now.

At Heralds of Ruin, we're looking into some things - firstly, Living Lightning: is it too strong? Are most mortal wound output powers too strong? Now that the Wolves have a proper codex trait (+1 to Hit in the first round of combat) do they still need two leaders?

If you feel like helping - all you have to do is play two games with the same teams. One team has a psyker and the other doesn't. In the first game, give the psyker a mortal wound power, and in the second give them a buff/debuff or other non-offensive power. Then play the same scenario, deployment and turn order in both games and tell us what happens!

Likewise, two leaders. Do the same as above, but in one game the Space Wolves player is allowed to take two Leaders, and in the second they aren't.

Don't try testing both of these at once - we want easy data, thanks!

Join us at The Heralds of Ruin Facebook group and share your thoughts and experiences. See you there.

Next time - we'll take our first look at the Second Terran Classic tournament, coming this December!

- Ash


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